Politics and politicians can drive a man crazy

By definition politics are; a) The art or science of government…d) to deal with people in an opportunistic, manipulative, or devious way.

To the editor:

Politics drive me crazy!

By definition politics are; a) The art or science of government b) The art or science concerned with guiding and influencing a government c) The art or science concerned with winning and holding control over a government d) to deal with people in an opportunistic, manipulative, or devious way.

To be fair, I have been selective in picking these definitions from the dictionary.

To really understand politics, a definition of government is also required: The organization, machinery, or agency through which a political unit exercises authority and performs functions and which is usually classified according to the distribution of power within it. Again there are more definitions in the dictionary; you can research them for yourself.

What words jump out at you? The words influencing, opportunistic, manipulative, devious, authority, classified and power are ones that resonate with me.

Have there ever been politicians tied to self interest groups (influence)?

Have you ever engaged a politician in conversation, only to be dropped mid sentence so they can seek out the next perceived voter (opportunistic)?

Have you ever had a politician break a promise to you (manipulative)?

Have you ever had a politician lie to you (devious)?

Have you ever had someone in government appear arrogant towards you (authority)?

Have you ever heard a politician say, “No comment” (classified)?

Have you ever dealt with a person in government that left you feeling powerless to deal with a challenge or problem (power)?

I am betting that I’m not alone in my experience of these political workings.

Leadership is a quality that is rare and valuable!

By definition leadership is: The capacity to lead.

That’s it. Simple.

So what does lead mean?

Lead: To direct on a course or in a direction.

That’s it. Simple.

Is it just me, or is there a big difference between the size of the paragraph defining politics and the paragraph defining leadership?

Is it possible for a person to be both a politician, and a leader? How can one “direct on a course or in a direction” if operating with the qualities assigned to the word politics?

Not very effectively would be my guess.

Sorting through the differences between the politicians and the “leaders” in an election is easy when you know what to look for.

I mentioned in a letter to the editor not too long ago that we have quality candidates to choose from in the coming election. By quality, I mean leaders. The trick is to identify them and then vote for them.

Kelowna is screaming for leadership.

I also mentioned that we have a unique opportunity to shape the future of Kelowna in a positive way if we will just get out and vote for the leaders. To me, that future will require nine leaders sitting on council, all pulling in the same direction—one mayor and eight councilors. One team.

I have sifted through the list of candidate names, researched backgrounds along with platforms, taken the time to meet and question candidates of interest, and come up with a team of leaders that I would like to see take Kelowna into that positive future. I am prepared to vote today.

How’s your list coming?

Bob Purdy,