Prospera Place in Kelowna adds nothing to community

I was just in Florida and NHL tickets are cheaper than Rockets tickets!

To the editor:

Has anyone noticed the lack of community support we are getting from Prospera Place? We have this great downtown core and their biggest drawing card just doesn’t seem to get it.

What happened to all those great concerts we used to get in Kelowna? They all seem to have gone south as the crew at Prospera are not interested in booking them.

Think what a boost these events are to local businesses and our economy and how the downtown core thrives when big events come to town.

It seems Prospera just wants to look after themselves and maximize their profits on anything they possibly can these days.

I attended a Montreal Canadian’s home game recently and it was sad to see that the food and beer were cheaper and better than Prospera.

I was just in Florida and NHL tickets are cheaper than Rockets tickets!

I’m not the only one attending fewer games and buying less at the games as we are all tired of being gouged with over-inflated prices for everything. It’s so bad now that Prospera has forced their own concession staff to use jumbo calculators all hockey season as they are too cheap to replace the cash registers—what a complete joke that is. Who’s brilliant idea was that?

When does the facility go back to the city as it can’t be a moment too soon.

Frustrated fan.

Kevin Irvine,



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