Put down the cell while you’re driving

Lately there has been a number of very human, but stupid people, showing how stupid they really are.

To the editor:

Lately there has been a number of very human, but stupid people, showing how stupid they really are.

I listen to talk-back radio shows and read letters to editors and is never one call or letter saying anything positive about talking or texting while driving.

Yet, when I sit on my medical scooter and watch traffic going to Kelowna on the bridge, I see plenty of talkers/texters, willingly showing their stupidity. Is that phone call or text really as important as a life or causing an accident? The bridge is likely not the only place you do such a dumb thing.

Take a minute and think about causing an accident in which you permanently disable your neighbour’s five-year-old healthy child because of a distraction like texting or answering your cell phone.

Have you ever thought about what you would say to your neighbour after giving their child a serious whiplash injury. Would you be able to face them, or would you show your  multi-tasking abilities and move out of the area?

Similarly, speeding. When I was working I drove hundreds of kilometres every month, yes, always in a hurry, never having time to smell the roses. By pure luck I arrived at my destinations without accident, but was stressed because of the speeding. I finally learned (before retirement) that driving the speed limit was much more relaxing than speeding and, as a bonus, it usually got me to my destination within minutes of my pushing or exceeding the speed limit.

So, human drivers, slow down. Using a cell phone while driving distracts you—believe it. Live longer and enjoy life much more. Get voice mail and pile up the messages, then stop on a safe road side to make your return calls.

And think that maybe some other driver will also take notice and not  cause your child to be disabled due to distraction or speeding. You don’t have to show your stupidity by texting or talking on the phone while driving.

Ron Renneberg,

West Kelowna


Kelowna Capital News