Rally against police brutality planned for Sunday

To the editor:

To the editor:

I’ve heard a lot of controversy about why we are protesting police brutality this coming Sunday.

For me, it all comes down to horse sense. Let me describe it to you.

My father is 92-years-old this year, and that’s something I’m proud to say. He taught me common sense a long time ago.

This is one of the lessons: If you work with a horse every day and put him away every night, if that horse is fed and treated well, you can trust the instincts in that horse like a family dog.

This is an important lesson becuase, if you and that horse are out one day and you get terribly lost, you need only do one thing, you give that horse a little kick and say “Okay, we’re done; let’s go home.” .

The horse will know where home is and it will take you home.

It’s common sense that isn’t so common anymore.

I also know another simple rule from my dad— if you know about a problem, you fix it or it gets out of control.

We as a society have known about police brutality problems for a long time, and it’s out of control.

Four years ago Conservative area MP Stockwell Day said the time for change is now but nothing was done.

So I thought about it and came up with a common sense conclusion.

Either the current government doesn’t want change or is not capable of change.

After four years, I see either stagnation or incompetence and no amount of spin control or attack ads on T.V. will fix that.

The Conservatives have dropped the federal ball and allowed our RCMP to be disgraced internationally simply by not governing effectively.

That failure created the social unrest you see today. By not acting effectively, the government created the protests.

These protests are not going to end until real change takes place.

Public outrage is becoming common and it needs guidance. That’s why I need the public’s help. That’s why we need to protest peacefully.

Our protest is building a bridge of communication between the people and the government, our leaders. We need this bridge to be built with wisdom.

Not only do we need to stand up for justice but we need to stand up with intelligence.

So that is why I wrote this letter.

As I get ready to speak on Sunday, I know one thing for certain, Buddy Tavares and the mother of Robert Dziekanski both need the public to be there, to see this change to a logical end.

We must stand up against police brutality, we must make our point known, we must not waver from our course until we find justice.

Personally, this Sunday I need you to come and stand up for my dad, and his common “horse sense.” I think he deserves to rest. But someone must stand for his traditional wisdom too, it’s important.

On Sunday, we need someone to bring the horse sense of the past to the bridge we are building to the future, because you never know, we might get lost and need to find our way home.

Darin Howard,

rally organizer


Editors note: The

rally is planned for Feb 20, at noon, at The Sails


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