Readers say: Not all smokers are the same

A few comments from Kelowna readers on about smokers

From re: cigarette butts:

I’m a smoker and I have never thrown a butt out my window.

I know it’s a disgusting habit, you don’t have to tell me, but to say it’s because of addiction they’re throwing their lit cigarettes out of their vehicle is ridiculous.

Do you know why they do it? Because they are entitled. The rules do not apply to them. They simply do not care about the damage they cause.

It’s almost the same as saying everyone who has a drink is going to get behind the wheel and drive drunk.

Cindy Cameron

No ashtrays in vehicles is the most ridiculous excuse I’ve heard for justifying throwing a cigarette out your car window. All vehicles come equipped with multiple cup holders that one can keep a water bottle to discard a butt in. That’s what responsible smokers do.

Katerina Tsakumis Hay