Red faced over time spent on doggie parks

To the editor:

To the editor:

Do dogs pay taxes?

Not only do dog owners pay taxes on the land the dog parks are on but so do non-dog owners.

Do you think I want to pay taxes on a dog park? No. I don’t have a dog.

Why do citizens of Kelowna have to vote on building an arena or a park/playground when our city council can vote on having a dog park? This is crazy.

It is unfortunate that our city councillors all are there for the money—not the community.

Except for Mr. Blanleil—he has his own business.

This is the best paying job that any of the councillors have ever had. Pretty sad. What have any of them ever done?

Nice priorities K-Town. Too bad we all can’t be councillors or a mayor to make a living. We have to get real jobs—pretty sure, come municipal election time, so will all of you.

Dog parks don’t create jobs or make an impact on our economic community. Get over it councillors and do something that means something at least once in your term.

Maybe we should have a cat park/litterbox? Think of the potential our community has.

This is embarrassing.

Jason Tansem,


Kelowna Capital News

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