Respect emergency workers doing tough job

I wish to apologize to the RCMP member who chastised me for coming too close to the motorcycle accident Hwy. 97 and Cooper Road Tuesday.

To the editor:

I would personally wish to apologize, in writing, to the RCMP member who chastised me as one of the vehicles which got in the wrong lane and came too close to “the crime scene” at the motorcycle accident on Hwy. 97 and Cooper Road Tuesday. (Motorcyclist Killed in Collision with SUV, March 22 Capital News)

I could justify my actions but that would be a moot point with the traffic congestion that was there.

There is a more important point I would like to make very clear.

For all involved at the collision I also have deep empathy for what they were dealing with. It must have been very traumatic for everyone who responded to and were a part of the system (their families as well) even behind the scenes.

The main point here is the effects any incident involving a police, ambulance, fire and any other responders including the tow truck drivers presence must be respected as what it is. They must be given understanding and support for the job they do.

The after affects they go through must be very hard to personally deal with.

Again, I apologize to the member who I could see was trying to deal with a very serious situation.

We all should respect and allow these folks to try and do their job the best they can and not be involved with the “look-e-loos” who make any difficult situation even worse.

I must also remember that there may be much more behind the many responses or scenes than a bent fender or smoke coming from a building.

With true respect,

Joel Rickard,