Right to pregnancy unfettered in Canada

I thought it would be beneficial…that you check the facts you are stating in the article before sending it to print.

To the editor:

I just want to take a quick minute to inform you about my astonishment at your recent article: Right To Life Society Sets Flag Raising Sights On Schools, Sept. 18 Capital News.

Aside from the absolute absurd notion that this group thinks it’s appropriate to fly this sort of flag over a school full of children, I thought it would be beneficial if this sort of article is going to be published, that you check the facts you are stating in the article before sending it to print.

In case you weren’t aware, you should be made aware, that your section within this article that states: “Canada has no abortion law and as a result it is legal to end a pregnancy at any point prior to term in Canada” is not accurate.  Canada does have abortion laws, and it is not legal to end a pregnancy at any point prior to term.

In B.C., if you choose to end your pregnancy (which every woman should have the right to decide, or hell, why are we even allowed to vote?  We should just set ourselves back, like Mitt Romney would like to do to America, and take away womens’ rights again) you have to do so within an allotted time frame that extends only up until 12 weeks after conception.

Abortions are not, in any way, legal and performed by medical staff at any point prior to term.  In America, yes, they will perform an abortion up until 26 weeks of pregnancy, which is where a lot of individuals find it unfit, as at that point you are approximately six months into your nine-month (actually, it’s 10 month) term.

In Canada, it is only allowable up until 12 weeks unless, due to some form of medical issue and the fetus needs to be aborted, this will only be performed up until 16 weeks.  I highly suggest you recheck your facts, and possibly would like to correct your error into the way you are perceiving Canada, or a woman’s right to choose. We are not murders, as you are so graciously implying.

Kate Elliott, Vancouver

Editor’s Note: In January 1988, the Supreme Court of Canada struck down Section 251 of the Criminal Code on procedural grounds, meaning abortion is unrestricted in Canada, legal through all nine months of pregnancy up until the point of birth.

The Mulroney government introduced a bill in 1989 to restrict abortions to those required for health reasons but it died on a tie vote in the Senate.

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