So upset with politicians can’t vote any more

What I have seen in the last few years has so badly tainted my views…I am one of the 50 per cent who did not vote.

To the editor:

Your May 28 edition carried the Abbotsford News op-ed regarding the recent provincial election: Where Did All The Voters Go? Jorgen Hansen provided his thoughts in his letter: Senate An Example Of Mess We’re Leaving Kids.” And then to top it off, in his MP’s Report, Ron Cannan agrees the recent Senate issues are a debacle that our Prime Minister is “really” trying to sort out.

I have pretty much voted in every election (with the exception of local elections), back in the U.K. and in Canada, since I was eligible to vote. I have always felt it was my duty to do so. Sadly, what I have seen in the last few years has so badly tainted my views of politicians that I am one of the 50 per cent who did not vote in the recent provincial election.

I am also considering not wasting my time in the next federal election.

It seems to me that the party leaders are really the only ones we need to elect; we really don’t need to elect another 330 or so MPs or 80 odd MLAs. It makes no difference who is nominated in our ridings, they won’t stand up for us, their constituents. All they will do is go along with their leader.

It would appear that they have no fortitude to question their party leader because doing so will just get them kicked out of the party and thus the potential of extra income via plum jobs on committees where their leader appoints them for being good little boys and girls.

Call me cynical, but our so-called political system seems to be an entire waste of time and money.  From funding the defence costs of admittedly guilty political aides, setting up taxation systems (the HST) with no mandate to do so, to wasting tax payers money on junkets and pretend lakes, to unelected Senators taking advantage of “free” money, the list goes on and on, and yet have we ever heard from the people elected to represent us stepping up and condemning the people who are allowing this to happen with no repercussions?

Prime Minister Harper was elected on the promise to “clean up” the Senate; all he’s done is put a bunch of his lackeys in place, lackeys who are now proving to be either stupid or crooked, it really is hard to tell the difference.

And let me state here it’s not just the provincial Liberals or the federal Conservatives—prior to these guys we had the Glen Clark NDP and the Chretien Liberals. Who can remember Jean Chretien saying he was going to abolish Free Trade with the U.S., he was going to cancel the GST, and then went on to expand Free Trade to include Mexico. He also increased the GST rate and he cancelled a helicopter contract costing the Canadian taxpayers hundreds of millions in contract fees.

In any event, all of this has disenchanted me regards politics and politicians. Politicians like to call their jobs “public service” and I’m sure they feel that being paid six figure salaries plus expenses is a service, but I believe we deserve more.

So, until we start to see honesty and true accountability from these elected officials, until the Senate is either truly reformed, or even better abolished, then I for one will continue to withhold my vote.

Yes, I still consider it my duty to vote but I also believe it is the duty of the people I vote for someone who witll truly represent me in Parliament and not just sit there giving unquestionable support to poor and bad politics.

Malcolm Roberts,



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