Speedway to Hell Summerland to Penticton

Highway 97 a treacherous drive heading south from Kelowna.

To the editor:

I had the dubious pleasure recently of driving to Penticton to do some errands, the weather being very nice and was set to enjoy the drive.

First of all we had a driver pass us going so fast he could not signal or anything and I would think he was looking to gain his reward in Heaven or Hell, and we hope he will receive the latter.

Then we had the usual bunch of cars and trucks itching to get to the passing lane after Peachland, where they also could claim their reward by going over the posted speed limit. One would think that it read 80 mph, and not km because they don’t know the difference.

It seems that the powers that be tell us to slow down and “smell the roses,” unfortunately the only roses they wish to smell is at the service that is held at their funeral.

It is too bad that we cannot receive a rebate from ICBC for few accidents, but don’t hold your breath as it will be a snowy day in California when that happens. Let us hope that people can figure out that 80 km/h doesn’t mean mph because one would think that it does.

Ron Barnard,

West Kelowna


Kelowna Capital News