Stats show truck traffic on Ellis is decreasing

Stats show that closing Ellis Street as a truck route will not add 400 more trucks daily to Gordon Drive.

To the editor:

Re Linda Zorn’s letter: Gordon Drive Bears Brunt of Truck Traffic, Nov 29 Capital News.

I just want to comfort Linda and possibly all the residences and businesses on Gordon Drive that are concerned with a study that was done from 2007 to 2010, before Ellis Street allowed only 12-hour truck traffic, as well as the two times Ellis Street was closed to all traffic, including trucks.

Here’s a direct quote from the report to city council, and what their decision to close Ellis Street as a truck route was based on:

“Over all, the heavy truck traffic volume has decreased on Gordon Drive over the past five years, as shown on the table below.”

The report further states: “More importantly, it shows the truck traffic during the two times in 2010 and 2012 when Ellis Street was closed for construction and all truck traffic was diverted to alternate routes. Despite the closure of Ellis, truck traffic has continued to decrease.”

These stats were captured during the Ellis Street closure in May of 2010 and Sept 2012.

Daily volumes 7 a.m. to 7 p.m.

2007    Total vehicles     11,600

Heavy Trucks                   2,190

2010    Total vehicles       7,225

Heavy trucks                    1,215

2012    Total vehicles       9,510

Heavy Trucks                      770

I think this is proof that closing Ellis Street as a truck route will not add 400 more trucks daily to Gordon Drive, even when Ellis Street was closed.

The full report is on the City of Kelowna’s website I encourage everyone to read it.

City council did do their homework, and has been responsible for making decisions based on these facts.

Rod Friesen,


Kelowna Capital News