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I contributed an old piece of electronic equipment to promote recycling.

Recently I had the pleasure to attend a West Kelowna Warriors game.

It was a great game with our home town Warriors coming out on top.

Yet, they weren’t the only winners that night.

Before the game began, I joined local residents, as well as representatives from BC Hydro and 1-800-GOT-JUNK to help promote recycling and raise awareness on the importance on energy conservation.

Like many there, I contributed an old piece of electronic equipment to recycle, which in my case was an old television.

I was astounded to learn about the energy costs of having unused electronics plugged in around the house.

Did you know that if every operating secondary fridge in B.C. was unplugged and recycled, the energy savings would be enough to power every home in the City of Chilliwack for a year?

Or, a television left plugged in for a year consumes enough power for 119 loads of laundry.

Yet, with these figures, we only begin to air our dirty laundry.

According to BC Hydro estimates, over 20 per cent of homes in B.C. have three or more televisions.

These additional televisions are typically left unused, yet continue to use energy as they remain plugged in.

This event brought my attention to the importance of recycling and how all of us can participate and make a difference on an issue that affects us all—our environment and our wallets.

By recycling your old electronics, you will reduce your environmental footprint, promote energy conservation and allow raw materials from the electronics, such as metal, glass and plastic to be recovered for reuse rather than sent to our local landfills.

Kelowna and West Kelowna both offer regular recycling that is free, simple and easy.

I was happy to be part of this event, as I believe it is good for our environment.

It will help reduce energy costs for B.C. families and it is plain and simply the right thing to do.

I’m glad to see BC Hydro working closely with our community partners, such as the West Kelowna Warriors and the District of West Kelowna, for such an important cause.

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