Stratas need rules to allow residents to have pets

In the last few years sales (of strata properties) have been lost because of stringent pet rules.

To the editor:

Re: The effects of stringent rules on buying and selling property in a strata complex.

Strata pet rules need revising.

The current rules regarding pet ownership were introduced and revised years ago. In the last few years sales have been lost because of these stringent rules so maybe it’s time to revisit some of these rules.

The reason (our) sale was lost was clear: The prospective buyers either had two little dogs (or cats) or one dog was over the arbitrary height rule.

These weren’t large dogs, they weren’t dangerous dogs and they would not be running loose on the property. Nevertheless, the deal fell through because of regressive rules.

Please let’s all take a look at this in 2012. People have changed. They are now more likely to have two dogs or cats. So why should we exclude them from becoming our neighbours? Whatever the reason it’s time for a change.

Our adult communities are aging and we need to attract the younger generation, so let’s do it, let’s be the change

Just an example, if your strata complex adopts some simple rules that are easily enforceable like Pet Rules And Guidelines To A Happy Community:

• Pets must not roam free

• All pets must be on a lead

• All pet owners must pick up after their pet

• Avoid neighbours lawns, walk your pet off the property

• Visiting pets will be subject to the same rules

• Barking and unruly pets are not acceptable.

The problem with pets and pet rules goes away. Put the responsibility for pets on the pet owners not on the strata council.

Donna Clendenning,


Kelowna Capital News