Take time to see the angels in your life

Do you believe in angels? Personally, I believe in human angels. It happens when we least expect it.

To the editor:

Do you believe in angels?

Personally, I believe in human angels.  It happens when we least expect it.  “Patience is a virtue.”

Let me introduce my two angels. Since February, Linda, a volunteer for Interior Health, visits me weekly. Every Wednesday at 2 o’clock in summer heat, rain or snow, magically my angel, Linda, is here like a time clock.

Sue, my Thursday angel from the Senior’s Outreach Center arrives at 1 o’clock.

With a Marilyn Monroe heart of gold, she dashes up in her elegant new red car with a smile.  She generously spreads love and compassion.

I feel much gratitude for these angels.

Last night at 5 p.m., I was trying to cross the street a Sutherland and Capri. Traffic was heavy.  Cars flying by ignoring the cross walk. (We urgently need traffic signals at this intersection).  A young lady crossed the street. She held my arm and we walked with my walker and she safely saw me on the sidewalk on the other side. She then walked back to her Capri Mall destination.

Who in the world, in busy Christmas time, would take time to compassionately walk an old woman (94 years) across the street?  She was one of my angels. I do not know her name.

It touches my soul. I am forever grateful for all these angels.

There are many more in Kelowna. They just appear when we least expect them.

I believe they happen many times a day; we simply do not take time to acknowledge them.

Fern Bertrand,



Kelowna Capital News