Talk to the candidates to choose your council

It is time again to elect a mayor and council in Kelowna.

To the editor:

It is time again to elect a mayor and council in Kelowna. If you’re having trouble trying to decide who to vote for from all the good choices running this time, try this. They all seem to have websites, check them out and make your own decision.

I have taken the time to talk to people in the last few weeks to see what their overall ideas are.

Not all, but surprisingly many, have on top of their list property taxes and the seemingly God-given right to raise them every year by the city.

Keep this in mind. My small group of friends (very small, but we vote) are going for the people who promise to fight any property tax increase, as they must learn to live within their means.

The last election only 20 per cent voted. My wish is to see at least 60 per cent.

To all the candidates running in this election please do not give up, it takes courage to put your name and ideas forward. Keep knocking on those doors. The people in Kelowna are a smart lot, you just need an idea to fire them up.

Gary Bonner,



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