Taxpayers starting to do a lot of figuring

Bob is a hard worker who didn’t know what to think about this HST, so he didn’t.

Open letter to Premier Christy Clark:

Bob is a hard worker who didn’t know what to think about this HST, so he didn’t. However, his boss did, and announced one day that the HST was increasing company profits and he wanted to reward the employees and gave them all a raise.

Bob began to think that the HST was a good thing—he got a raise because of it!

Bob wants to save money so he will purchase privately when he can. The neighbour had his truck for sale so Bob decided to buy it.

Oh no! There is now HST on the purchase when he goes to transfer it, which previously just had PST on it—an extra five per cent for Bob to pay.

The good news is that Bob feels he can finally upgrade to a larger house.

Oh no! There is now HST on the commission he has to pay his realtor to sell his current house—an extra tax again.

So after getting hit with these new taxes, Bob decided to look on the government website to see what else he has to pay new taxes on.

Oh no! And the website didn’t even mention the two biggies he just got nailed for.

Bob is an average British Columbian with an average family, but by his calculations, he will pay way more tax than the government’s advertised, $350.

Bob was talking to his other neighbour about his HST experience and his neighbour whispered in his ear: “Bob, it gets worse.” “How so?” Bob asked. His neighbour responds: “These are all newly taxed items. Even if the government reduces the HST by 2014 there is nothing to prevent them, or the next elected government from raising the tax in the future and they will have the benefit of taxing all these new things that were not drawing two levels of tax before. For the first time, we may actually have a say in stopping the government from increasing our tax burden. Let’s not blow it.”

Oh no! Bob’s new tax burden is costing him more than his raise.

Premier Clark, you say you are all about families.

What about Bob?

Mike and Kathy



West Kelowna


Kelowna Capital News