The kids are OK–they’re booked solid with activities that keep them off the streets

Re: Mr. Harris’ letter to the editor (Grandkids Are Old Before They’re Grown, March 18 Capital News.)

To the editor:

Re: Mr. Harris’ letter to the editor (Grandkids Are Old Before They’re Grown, March 18 Capital News.)

Maybe the reason he is not seeing kids on the playground or in the street might have something to do with the fact that we live in Canada and many of our winter activities involve being indoors. Try visiting any one of our arenas, indoor sports fields or gymnasiums  and you will find them booked solid from after school until late in the evening. I beg of him to go out and try to book any one of these venues and he will see how difficult it is.

Given the number of facilities we have, and times this by roughly 20 kids using these facilities every hour, you can clearly see that, yes, our youth are active.

What Mr. Harris is not taking into account in the 21st century is many kids are involved in organized activities that weren’t available when he was a youth.

He may also want to take a trip up to a any one of the valley’s ski hills. Up at Big White you will find that at least half of the crowd up there on any given weekend is under the age of 20. This does not make them lazy; on the contrary it astounds me how they can be so active and still have time to go to school.

I wish I had all these options when I was a kid. I cannot speak for all parents but the many that I know through soccer, basketball, hockey, skiing and ringette cannot wait for the breaks in the season when one sport comes to an end and the next sport begins. We finally get a chance to come home and find out what our house and yards actually look like in the daylight.

As for those kids whom you see smoking outside the high school, just remember that statistically there are far less teenaged smokers than 55 or 65 years ago when smoking was more socially acceptable.

I will give him this one—obesity is and will always be a problem as long as there are unhealthy eating choices but these are found outside the schools not in them.

Mr. Harris and every other senior out there who feels this way, please do some research  before you speak.

To any doubters out there, kids these days are doing better than alright—just read the numerous articles about exceptional kids in the Capital News every week.

Stephen Stecko,



Kelowna Capital News