‘…There is a park at stake here’

To the editor:

To the editor:

Thursday night I attended the Kelowna Advisory Committee public hearing for the rezoning application of the “Cedar Ave. Park,” excuse me, “Pandosy by the Lake, to the Lake.” For a brief and shining moment words were spoken from the heart, there was actually a connection to the land, and all that land harbors.

Then due process and politics kicked in, due process and politics that annoyed a CHBC cameraman to the point of leaving the proceedings.

For those who aren’t aware, the hearing was to rezone the designated property on Abbott St. in order to allow the construction of a four- (actually five-) storey building into a two-storey multi-use commercial and residential building right in the middle of the park.

That is when a park is not a park.

In fairness to the committee, they voted down the C9 designation as being too open and vague to control the development. Caution, read between the lines.

Does anyone out there carry a sense of pride in the logo that is the flagship of Kelowna? Does anyone know the process that brought us that logo? Due process and politics got us that logo.

The same due process and politics are at work again with the Cedar Ave. Park. If Kelowna wants to have a real park, real live green space on this beautiful waterfront property, Kelowna will have to speak up. The gallery at last night’s meeting was nearly full and the majority of comments were in favor of an open park to preserve this space for generations to come.

Did the committee hear? Partially.

The door still remains open for commercial development in this potential park, and if you would like to see a park, Kelowna, we will need to make some noise until that door is firmly closed.

Commercial development in the park or not, that is the question. My vote is not. What’s yours?

Follow the link for information; http://www.kelowna.ca/CM/Page1323.aspx.

Make your views known to city council.

No fence sitters please, there is a park at stake here.

Bob Purdy,


Kelowna Capital News