There is no end of great things for kids to do in West Kelowna

I challenge Ms. Wuori to go to the district’s website and find the Recreation Guide. She may be surprised by its content.

To the editor:

I wish to respond to Fay Wuori’s complaint: There is Nothing for Kids To Do in West Kelowna (Jan. 24 Capital News).

Her first point was to make a very short list of some of the services available in West Kelowna.

Too short. There is also a skate park, rinks, at least one beach, many minor sports leagues, extra curricular activities through the schools, Bering Music, various martial arts schools and the list goes on.

We, unlike say Naramata, do not have more wineries than rec facilities.

She then goes on to complain that all the vacant real estate is going to waste and could be put to use.


The District of West Kelowna does not own these buildings and therefore cannot dictate their use, save by renting them from their owners (which costs money), like any other corporation and renovating them (which costs more money) to a form useful to whatever activity is to go on in the building.

Where will this money come from? Is she willing to have her taxes go up to accommodate this purpose?

Council did not create the abandoned buildings, a lousy economy and/or poor business decisions by their owners and/or tenants did that.

On top of that, many of her example are not even in the District of West Kelowna.

Which brings me to my next point.

Council did not take away Old MacDonald’s Farm, this is WFN land to do with as they see fit.

The land had been abandoned by the previous tenant as unprofitable and sat empty for years.

I remember it when it was open 10 to 15 years ago. It was not exciting and as a result, not busy.

The watersides are the same story. They sucked, they went under, WFN found another use for the land.

As for all the new commercial development in the last six years, most of it is not in West Kelowna, but on WFN land.

All of which creates tax revenue for the district or band to allow them to pay for the rec facilities they have.

When you do have a child, I too hope you are not living here for fear that your progeny will be wandering area streets doing whatever mischief due to the lack of your imagination in helping them find healthy and constructive ways to occupy their formative years.

I challenge Ms. Wuori to go to the district’s website and find the Recreation Guide. She may be surprised by its content.

B. Corey Cannon,

West Kelowna


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