There’s nothing for kids to do in West Kelowna

We have a pool…playgrounds…a paint ball range, and a car derby. But what else is there to do with kids?

To the editor:

I read you’re newspaper article about the $25,000 not going to sign (Council Scraps Hockeyville Billboard Idea, Jan. 17 Capital News—West) and I have to say I’m glad that money isn’t going to be used for that.

I also want to point out to our council that there are very few things to do in West kelowna with kids. OK, we have a pool, OK we have playgrounds, OK we have a paint ball range, and a car derby. But what else is there to do with kids?

We people of district of West Kelowna notice more closed down buildings in our town, than stuff for kids to do. In fact we have more wineries, than stuff for kids to do. And that is just sad.

As of the middle of March, there will be another shut down building when Zellers closes down. Why not take one of those buildings and use it for kids? Some thoughts are an arcade place, bowling alley, an amusement park, learning centre.

Why not use these abandon buildings for kids. They are an eyesore, and some places have been abandoned for years, like the old Cattle Country place. Does the council really think tourists like to see places like that? Do they really think tourists say: “Wow West Kelowna is amazing—look at all the abandoned buildings on Main Street. I want to come here next year.”

Council tore down our water slides for condos. Took away old McDonalds Farm for stores. What is next? The flimsy skate board park near Johnson Bentley for a strip mall?

I have been living in Westbank for six years, and in that time I have noticed a lot of kids’ stuff taken down for condos and strip malls. Now, people with kids have to go to Kelowna to do fun stuff with kids under the age of 7. Unless they go to the pool, which can get boring every single day.

I sincerely hope things change but they probably won’t. I’m sad to say that all kids fun and great experiences in West Kelowna is being pushed out for condos, strip malls and wineries. When I have a child, I hope I am not living here.

Fay Wuori,

West Kelowna


Kelowna Capital News

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