Thiel: Healthy nervous system the path to good health

A properly functioning nervous system will equal a properly functioning immune system.

Much of our present day health care is centered around the belief of Germ Theory, as proposed by the 19th century scientist Louis Pasteur.

In it, he states that the determining factor as to whether or not we get sick is due to the exposure to a pathogen, or germ. In essence, exposure to a germ equals disease.

Pasteur had a bitter rival by the name of Pierre Jacques Antoine Béchamp, a French chemist and biologist.

Béchamp said that it is not the germ that makes us sick, it is the body’s ability to fend off the attacker that will determine the state of sickness of health.

He felt that we are all exposed to germs, it is the internal environment the stipulates health.

Wikipedia writes: “Béchamp  did not believe that bacteria could invade a healthy host and create disease on their own. Pasteur’s competing vision became widely accepted by scientists, and Béchamp sank into obscurity, although his beliefs have been continuously promoted by a small fringe of dedicated advocates.

“On September 28, 1895, Pasteur, on his death bed stated that he was wrong and Béchamp was correct all along. He stated, “It is not the seed, it is the soil.’”

This still holds true today.

This is not to say that we do not need such things as antibiotics. In fact, I would have lost my right hand last Christmas, due to an infection if it were not for antibiotics.

Moreover, I believe that Béchamp was stating that our overall ability to adapt and overcome physiologically was largely determined by our reaction to a pathogen, not the pathogen itself. This seems to make more sense to me.

Our internal environment is determined by our overall ability to express health. This is determined by our level of nutrition, internal fortitude and overall ‘tone.’

Eating well, managing stress in a healthy fashion, exercising and a healthy nervous system all play a very important role in enhancing our internal strength to manage and eradicate disease.

Chiropractic plays a vital role in the body’s ability to express health by managing and fortifying our nervous system.

The immune system starts with something called GALT, or gut associated lymphoid tissue. This response is our first to infection. This GALT is turned on or off by the nervous system.

Immunity is almost entirely determined by the status of the nervous system. This is where immunity starts. It is as important as nutrition.

A properly functioning nervous system will equal a properly functioning immune system. It is the nervous system that initiates and regulates the immune system.

Many studies demonstrate that those that were being adjusted were far less likely to become ill. Immunity and nervous system are one in the same.

Being adjusted is not all you need to do to maintain a healthy nervous system, but it is as important as eating well, moving well and thinking well.

Markus Thiel is a doctor of chiropractic. Questions and comments may be sent to


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