Thomson: Celebrating 50 years of excellence

Join Okanagan College for a 50th anniversary garden party Friday, Sept. 27, from 3 to 7 p.m., at the Kelowna campus.

In one week, one of the most important institutions for our community and our economic future will celebrate its 50th anniversary.

It’s hard not to be grateful and supportive of an institution that boasts the mission statement: “Okanagan College transforms lives and communities,” and that is exactly what Okanagan College does, for students pursuing a wide range of career options.

The B.C. Jobs Plan is our government’s strategy to create long-term jobs that maintain and grow a strong economy.

A strong economy is the best way for us to ensure that our children can find jobs in their hometowns and communities, and contribute in a meaningful way to our economy. That is a big goal, and it won’t happen without skills and technical training.

Okanagan College is B.C.’s largest trades school outside the Lower Mainland, and offers programs like the Women’s Trades Training Initiative, which increases women’s participation in the trades. The programs at Okanagan College prepare its students for today’s in-demand jobs.

In addition to skills and technical training, Okanagan College continues to create opportunities for learners of all ages. Okanagan College has a history of being home to both academic study and trades and technical training.

The Arts & Science university courses available rival any other top Canadian university, all right here at home in Kelowna. Since the 1970s, it has provided quality education to students of all ages, when the adult education program was developed and added.

The ability to accommodate learners through continuing education, distance education, and flexible learning options make Okanagan College accessible to those who might otherwise not pursue education, and create opportunities for themselves and their families.

As Okanagan College prepares to celebrate its 50th anniversary, this week is a great time to ponder and recognize the contribution this great institution has made to our community, and to our province—accessible education opens doors for British Columbians, helping learners of all ages to pursue better jobs, and grow our province’s economy.

You can join Okanagan College for a 50th anniversary garden party celebration next Friday, Sept. 27, from 3 to 7 p.m., at the Kelowna campus.

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