Those behind should run

Listening only to so-called business leaders is not how to exercise your democratic responsibility to vote

To the editor:

We should be very, very alarmed by the behaviour of some of our business want-to-be elite.

I’m speaking of the group that hides behind the website

From my understanding, our councillors are voted in through a democratic process. This means citizens make a choice based on what they value about a candidate’s principles and abilities.

This group feels entitled to attack certain current councillors in a pack mentality—common in schoolyard bullying.

And as we all know,  bullies, are cowards underneath. Therefore it is not surprising that none of these individuals have the integrity to run for office and demonstrate their superiority.

What we need to read into the lack of specifics and content of is that these individuals are pro-business, pro-unlimited growth and don’t care about the true meaning of building a strong community.

All one has to do is tune into the news and see the glaring examples of how big business, big banks and big government are sucking the life out of our economy and deteriorating the quality of life for the 80 per cent of the population that pay the bills.

And don’t be fooled by their justification of creating jobs, for this is a smokescreen for making more profits. We all know that if you are not working for a government funded sector like education or health care, the wages are pathetic.

Business cannot be trusted to define our community’s future.

Individuals, like the ones that are being attacked by the “Tea Party of Kelowna,” are the very councillors representing the majority of citizens that are struggling to make ends meet in Kelowna.

Barry Milner



Kelowna Capital News