Ungodly question

Now that the ‘busgate’ cover-up has come and gone, I can’t help but think that there might be a conspiracy theory at play here.

To the editor:

Now that the ‘busgate’ cover-up has come and gone (Pro-athiest Bus Ads Have Disappeared, May 6 Capital News), I can’t help but think that there might be a conspiracy theory at play here. It’s hard to swallow that this mysterious disappearance was just an act of God, so there.

Since there were no witnesses or evidence that any mortal human/s removed the ‘Don’t worry, there probably is no God’ signs off the city transit buses, could it just be possible that God removed the signs just to prove that he really does exist?

But if God doesn’t manifest himself in a human form, the question still remains unsolved.

So if the transit company and City Hall is withholding information from the public then I feel it’s our duty to go to a higher source to get the truth.

No, I’m not talking about Harper (the chosen one) whose motto seems to be ‘All my lies aren’t true.’ And we can’t go to the King (Guy) who is the reason why we’re having this debate in the first place.

No, I’m talking about going to the ultimate power, which even makes God shake in his holy sandals.

Picture a transit bus pulling out of the Queensway depot, loaded with atheists and a sign flashing above the driver’s windshield: ‘Destination Nirvana.’ On the side of the bus is a brand new sign replacing the one that God ripped off. And beside the sign is another one showing a red-faced God, with a caption saying: ‘The Goddess made me do it.’

If you’re still not convinced that God exists, I have a solution that will settle this ungodly question, once and for all.

Why not add this question onto the HST referendum and while we’re at it, why not add the other controversy: ‘Do you believe in Creation or Evolution?’

So there you are—problem solved. Now relax and enjoy your day.

Hajime (Harold) Naka,



Kelowna Capital News