Up in arms over getting parking tickets

Re: Visitor Disgruntled by Parking Ticket, March 27 Capital News.

To the editor:

I too am disgruntled by a parking ticket I recieved while at a doctor’s appointment on Richter St.

As I was backing into the stall, a parking attendant was placing a ticket on a truck next to my car. Out of curiosity I asked what that was for and he said it was taking two spots (which it clearly wasn’t).

I then asked if I was parked OK and he said yes I had nothing to worry about as there is two hours free parking and that he hadn’t even chalked the tire yet.

I then stepped over the curb and went to my appointment.

Less than 20 minutes later I returned to find a ticket on my windshield for leaving the parking lot without my car. ($33.60 or $56 if late)

Why didn’t the attendant tell me it was against the law to step over a curb in Kelowna?

After several emails to Diamond Parking in Vancouver they finally waived the fine with a threat it had better never happen again!

Shame on city councel for allowing such behaviour within your city limits.

Shoppers beware! Stay clear of Kelowna!


Dave Ulvaan,



Since when do parkers deserve special privileges?

To the editor:

I respond to the letter from J. Anderson in the March 27 issue. Firstly, let me say I am not affliliated in any way with Diamond Parking or any other parking management company in Kelowna or anywhere else.

Now, having said that, I find a few points in Ms. Anderson’s letter—to use her phrase—“somewhat disturbing.”

You parked your vehicle in a private lot which is either pay parking or designated for the use of customers at that business or building. You then left the lot to go for a walk, not going into the building or business.

I would presume there are signs in and around the parking lot which advise you that the lot is for Customer Parking Only, or some such similar wording.

The first point is that you say the patroller wrote the ticket within “two minutes” of your leaving the lot.

Although I might dispute that, I will give you the benefit of the doubt but point out it isn’t the patroller’s responsibility to approach you and ask where you’re going. I suspect if he or she had done that, your attitude would have been one of annoyance in having been challenged.

Secondly, saying that you live in a free country and going for a walk around the block is not an offense causes me to wonder about your apparent sense of self-entitlement. As the operator of a vehicle you have a responsibility to pay attention to the operation and parking of your vehicle.

I get truly tired of the seemingly increasing number of scofflaws who feel they have a right to park where ever and whenever they feel like it. They always have a reason they feel that their actions are justified and the hell with anyone else.

Would you park in a designated disabled spot without a Disabled Permit if it was the only one available and you had an appointment?

Many would.

And lastly, as a resident and taxpayer in Kelowna, I resent your remark that you’ll “get the hell out of Dodge”…“without any extra shopping, because we can’t afford the extra expense” after your next appointment.

What extra expense are we talking about? Paying for parking?

Getting a ticket for parking where you’re not supposed to or in the manner you’re required to? S

tamp your feet and hold your breath if you like but at the end of the day you made the choices.


K. Ross,



Parker calls for boycott of Diamond Parking lots in Kelowna

To the editor:

I wish I had read the letter from Janet Anderson a bit sooner. On March 28 I went to my doctor’s office on KLO near Richter. I have been going to the same building for 25 years and thought nothing of parking there.

When I came out an hour later there was a parking ticket from Diamond Parking. It seems that Diamond has been signing up commercial landlords and offering them a cut.

I did not see the new sign which is mounted high on the wall, nor does it say Violators Will Be Prosecuted.

I appealed the ticket but I know these parking outfits are heartless *&^&*@#$ who only want your money.

I am not going to pay and I urge any of your readers to do the same.

If 100 per cent of the fines have to be referred to a collection agency then it will not be profitable for these bandits.

I also urge all readers to boycott any commercial building that has signed on with Diamond Parking. I know this is hard to do since they seem to concentrate on medical buildings so they can prey on the old and sick.


Bruce Stevenson,


Kelowna Capital News

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