Dan Albas

Dan Albas

UPDATE: Albas reacts to new tax plan

Letter from Dan Albas the MP, Central Okanagan Similkameen Nicola riding in the Kelowna area

To the editor:

On Monday of this week, the Liberal government announced that it will be abandoning some of the proposed tax changes that had generated a considerable amount of concern and opposition throughout our region. Although it is unclear at this point the total scope of what changes will ultimately be tabled in legislation, I believe that any time a government listens to overwhelming opposition it deserves recognition for doing so.

My greater concern at this point is the pattern that has emerged.

Over the past year the Liberals have raised proposals to tax employer provided health and dental benefits, to finally close the stock option tax loophole, more recently the small business tax increase and even a proposal to tax employee discounts.

All of these measures the Liberals have since indicated they plan to abandon, raising the question, what will be the next tax increase to be proposed?

As the Liberals continue to run deficits much larger then they promised, and currently have no path to return to a balanced budget until possibly sometime close to the year 2050, a plan will be needed to reconcile this situation. Given that the Liberals continue to increase spending, most recently just over $220,000 just to produce the cover of the most recent budget document, it seems clear taxes will need to be increased.

As a member of the official Opposition, I will continue to hold the government to account over these policies much as was done successfully opposing this proposed small business tax increase.

Dan Albas, MP, Central Okanagan Similkameen Nicola