Vision for Kelowna going sky high

Public hearing to allow highrises along Okanagan Lake's waterfront.

To the editor:

Kelowna city council public Hearing March 12, 2013 on Amendment to OCP highrise building height for Manteo Beach Resort Development.

We attended the meeting and presented a letter of opposition to this amendment.

Our major concerns are that this is just the beginning of higher than six storeys being built on the lakeside or close to the lakeside.

It appears that with every application the developers are dangling carrots in order to obtain an approval.

Why do we have an OCP that involved citizens input in a survey April 2008,  Issues and Directions? One of the top issues identified by Kelowna citizens was: To limit and/or monitor highrise development.

Was this survey for naught? Do the citizens of Kelowna want to have a waterfront that is a row of 10- to 12-storey buildings?

In addition to the Manteo development there will be a public hearing in the near future with regards to amendments for a massive development by Westcorp of Edmonton, on what is presently known as Hiawatha Park.

What is the vision for Kelowna? If your vision is different from the developers then we urge you to get involved by writing letters and/or attending the public hearings.

Margaret-Ann and Andy Gfeller,


Kelowna Capital News