Voters turned away seeing long lineup

What an absolute farce the voting station was at the Rutland YMCA.

To the editor:

What an absolute farce the voting station was at the Rutland YMCA.

Lined up out the entrance door, in to the left, around a tower of some sort, back past the entrance door, down the hall, turn and come back up the hall to within 15 feet of the entrance door, into a small 30×40 foot room, sign a declaration, get in another line that wound around the centre of the room until a voting station was available.

The tables and stations were so close together you could see who the people on either side of you were voting for.

The tables had to be moved, doors closed and people interrupted mid-vote so that a fellow in his motorized wheel chair could get in to vote. Not very handicap friendly. Good for him, by the way.

Some people saw the line up and turned away saying “forget it.” Even those of us who stayed wondered out loud that it is no wonder voter turn out is so bad.

And the handicap parking was full of cars without handicap cards. We had to park about 50 yards away.

Why didn’t they set up at the high school on Rutland Road? If they could use Springvalley’s school why not Rutland’s? A huge gym for more polling booths would have equalled faster line ups and perhaps more voter turn out.

I would like to know what the other stations were like. Same, better?

Also, those of you who voted for Walter: Open your wallets, he’s going to sell Kelowna to the highest buyer. Remember what he said? That if he was elected: “Kelowna would be open for business.”



Blaine Ans,