W in YW/YMCA more than a token symbol

I think removing YWCA from the logo of the YM/YWCA is a step backwards.

To the editor:

I think removing YWCA from the logo of the YM/YWCA is a step backwards. The YMCA may always have been for family values, with healthy value systems and responsible behaviour. Unfortunately, not all who participate are like-minded. All too often a woman, a child or a senior is targeted by destructive individuals and organizations in our society.  They are seen as vulnerable, therefore they are a target.

These individuals have their own agenda. It won’t make sense to a reasonable responsible person.

Individuals and organizations do so because they can.

The target doesnt’ report it or they are not believed or supported. Both men and women are inclined to look the other way, saying: ‘It’s none of my business,’ ‘Better them than me,’ or ‘They must deserve it.’

However, more often women are more inclined to be aware, receptive and responsive because they may have experienced or have witnessed such behaviour before (most women have).

Trust and power is more often abused by men, less often by women.

Let’s face it, men are usually physically stronger, hold the greatest political clout, and hold most of the wealth. We get it. Why abuse this power even more?

Despite progress being made we have distructive individuals in our midst.

Congratulations, you are teaching your sons and daughters how to treat you when you’re a senior and may at some time be vulnerable.

When a boy or young man witnesses his mother being abused he learns this is how you treat women. When a girl or young woman witnesses or experiences abuse she learns to not bother reporting.  No one will listen or help.

Make the Y a place which listens and is responsive in every case.

H2O is the best facility I’ve seen. I’ve worked in some, volunteered in some, and worked out in many. The attitude of staff, men and women, is friendly, positive and supportive to all participants to achieve their fitness goals. There is the greatest diversity of programs of any facility I’ve seen. H2O has a good thing going—don’t mess with it. It’s not broken.

If you must change the name, make it The Y Family Centre, The Y Fitness Centre or The Y For All.

I think the change proposed makes men look like power grabbers who believe women incapable of professional behaviour. That is insulting.

I don’t believe this is the attitude of men in general.

G.G. Steingart,


Kelowna Capital News