We all share the walking trails

I ran into the elderly couple going home and my dog jumped towards the man and growled.

To the editor:

First I would like to apologize to a very, very senior couple who were on the Mission Creek trail Saturday morning.

I was walking with my dog, on a lead, when I met this gentleman (jogging). I greeted him with a good morning and he mumbles something back; he was elderly and may not have heard me.

Then I met up with a very senior little lady and I greeted her with a good morning and she responded.

We both continued walking in opposite directions.

In the meantime, I met bikers, joggers and dog walkers on the trail, all without incident.

I ran into the elderly couple going home and my dog jumped towards the man and growled. She thinks she is playing, but he became quite upset (understandably so) and he told me I should not be on the trail.

I reminded him it is a multi-use trail, apologized again for my dog and reassured him that she was OK and wouldn’t hurt him.

I couldn’t hear what he was muttering as I am also a senior and sometimes do not hear well, but it made me smile as his little partner kept waving her finger at him.

Please know I am sorry my dog startled you, very sorry.

I have never seen you on this trail, maybe you’re new, maybe it was just the timing, but I am a daily user of this trail and have been for years, walking dogs both mine and friends.

This is the only incident in all that time and I admit that it was my fault, but we all share the trail as it’s a happy time and a therapeutic time.

Please keep in mind the Mission Creek walkway is for everyone—bikers, hikers, walkers, joggers and our two-legged and four-legged friends. All creatures big and small—we share the trail.

May you both enjoy the time as well and I am sorry I startled you.

Donna Clendenning,


Kelowna Capital News