Wealth in the hands of too few

I am seeing red through not-so-rose-coloured glasses.

To the editor:

On Jan.25, the Capital News printed a letter by Laura Livingstone headlined Anti-capitalist is taken to task, a rebuttal to an earlier letter by Robert Cichocki on Jan. 22, headlined Canada Could Learn a Lesson from Norway.

I am seeing red through not-so-rose-coloured glasses, and I am not a communist or a fascist. I am simply a normal average man, married with three children and two grandsons and have lived in Kelowna for 90 per cent of my life.

When I completed my education, I entered the labour market and tried hard to raise a family in this beautiful valley, a haven for tourists and heaven for businesses that take advantage of the “sunshine tax.” Ms. Livingstone makes the comment, how these left-wing views can create jobs is beyond her.

Let me attempt to answer that statement. As a result of the Great Depression during the 1930s (caused by capitalism running wild), the Bank of Canada was created to lend money to Canadian people and businesses.

This allowed ordinary, average Canadians with dreams to exploit our vast natural resources. Today, Canadian banks are mostly only eager to print money and invest to millionaires and billionaires (that’s why, in part, Canada’s banks are rated the best on the planet).

A policy of zero risk—if you have a million we will gladly lend you a million. Shrewd banking strategy, eh?

If people like Ms. Livingstone are so impressed with the way businesses have perverted capitalism to a point where the top one per cent controls 99 per cent of the world’s wealth, then perhaps these noble individuals can stand up, face the masses and explain to us ‘pee-ons’ how this ponzi scheme will help solve our world’s economic mess.

J.R. Saunders,



Kelowna Capital News