We’re not stupid, Mr. Fletcher, we’re ‘mad as hell’

Tom Fletcher (HST Debate a Battle of Stick Man vs. Straw Man, May 22 Capital News) incites me to want to march on Victoria and say “enough, with the lies, stop it.”

To the editor:

Tom Fletcher (HST Debate a Battle of Stick Man vs. Straw Man, May 22 Capital News) incites me to want to march on Victoria and say “enough, with the lies, stop it.”

Fletcher derides us for being stupid enough to persist in the general notion that the HST is a bad thing. I notice he can quote chapter and verse about the economic advantages of keeping the HST, citing reports about the so-called common sense idea of moving the tax structure away from making business responsible towards making the average citizen responsible. Tax increases notwithstanding, his message is that by opposing the HST we are stupid.

The government has persisted with the idea that their only mistake was of not completely informing us about the value of the HST. At this point, the only disincentive for them to stop lying is a no vote on the referendum, although I have grave doubts that will be sufficient to cause more than a temporary pause in the BS. We must remain vigilant, always on the lookout for new lies and poll-driven manipulations of policy.

This government and its supporters have one goal: Squeeze as much of our hard-earned capital out of us as they can while saying they’re only doing it for our own good, smiling faces all around. The rich may get richer and the poor, poorer but that is just business.

I will vote for the HST when Gordon Campbell, Colin Hansen and of course, now, Christy Clark and Kevin Falcon throw open the particulars of the whole cabinet record and bureaucratic process that led to its inception in the first place. Are we the reason the 2010 Olympics has no budget shortfall?

We deserve an apology from each of them for misleading us. We’ll have to leave the nagging stigma of BC Rail and the Basi-Virk payoff for another day.

Just apologize and come clean Christy; the job is yours now.

We have never received an apology for being deceived about the timing, the secretive deal-striking with the Harper government and the theft of the last provincial election through all these deceptions and that is just not good enough.

That’s the real reason for our resistance, Mr. Fletcher. In actual fact we are not stupid. To quote the movie Network: “We’re mad as hell and we’re not going to take it any more.”

The final insult, in my view, is that we are being asked to ignore the past, disregard the lying and are admonished to do what is best for us, all the “experts” say so. If we vote “yes” we will just encourage them to do it to us again and they will surely be tempted, when it is expedient, to lie to us anew.

By voting no we will send a message that ”it’s not on.” If we don’t, it will be business as usual for the Liberal Party of B.C.

Finally, I am reminded by I.F. Stone, God rest his soul, that “All governments are run by liars and nothing they say should be believed.” Make them earn our trust, don’t give it to them easily. Show us things have changed; don’t just talk about it.

Larry Plancke,



Kelowna Capital News