West is insolated from rest of the world

I read Wade Paterson’s article in the Capital News regarding his time spent teaching in Bahrain.

To the editor:

I read Wade Paterson’s article in the Capital News regarding his time spent teaching in Bahrain.(Cut Off from the World, Oct. 14.)

I too think that the locals are insulated from what is going on in the world. They watch local, CBC, CNN and other news channels and obviously are not really paying much attention as it does not impact on their lives in any way.

Yes, maybe they send their charity dollars to some organization like Vision (and we who have travelled know that all those dollars do not land on the poor and disenfranchised people of the world.)

Recently, I saw an interview on local TV about the big conference of world and Canadian newsmakers, old and new, being held in Vancouver (along with some interesting musicians whom I think interested the young folk attending more than the keynote speakers). One young, so-called educated, persons attending was asked to comment on Mr. Gorbachov and perestroika and what importance that he might be in speaking to this group.  This young person did not know who he was and of what importance he might be, but I bet she could tell you who the people are on Jersey Shores. So much for our American style education system.

I lived in Calgary for 40 years and during that time had the opportunity to travel to many countries and see some of the poorest people in the world.

I also opened my home to students from many countries in the world, who came to visit or to study.

Recently, I lost my oldest daughter to malaria which she contracted while living in Congo with her husband, a geologist. Through their living in many different countries over the past 25 years, I received some of the foreign students they met in my home.

Some came to visit and some came to study, so I think I have a very good handle and can empathize with you on your let down feelings about what you saw in Bahrain.





Ramona O’Brien,

West Kelowna


Kelowna Capital News