West Kelowna: Info on first time candidates hard to come by

I am wondering if it was for job security that I found it so difficult to get information about newer candidates running for election.

To the editor:

I am writing this letter because I am wondering if it was just for the sake of job security that I found it so difficult to get information about the newer candidates that were running for election.

I went to the District of West Kelowna office on three separate occasions and I finally got some information about the incumbent candidates. They gave me a nice coloured print out of their “Mayor & Council” page from the District of West Kelowna website. It included the pictures of the mayor and council, their phone numbers, and their email addresses. I only received the first and last names of the newer candidates, without phone numbers or emails that they could be contacted at.

Each time I asked about any information on the newer candidates and their stand on issues I was told I would have to research to find that information for myself. I am 70 years old and I can do the basics on the computer and that is it. I can share correspondence with my family and friends through email but that is pretty much as far as it goes for me and computers. I feel that the information was not readily available about the newer candidates because the people already in office may have been overly concerned about their job security.

For all the 50 years of living in West Kelowna I had finally decided not to vote because I have not been happy with the situation. My husband encouraged me to vote and said if I would do the research then he would make his decision on what I found out. My husband and I are very pleased with the future development of the Mission Hill Winery, which is near where we live.

I am thankful for a young mother, Cathy Sinclair, that she had the guts to run for a seat on the council in West Kelowna. She came to my house and introduced herself and offered me a nice printed sheet listing her top priorities for West Kelowna. I invited her into my home to discuss the matter further with her. I was very impressed by her enthusiasm, ambition, and vision for West Kelowna.

Some of her top priorities were implementing a downtown core that would feel more like home to the residents and visitors here. She also was interested in creating a plan to encourage and promote young entrepreneurs to start their own businesses locally.

She received 1,788 votes for a seat on the council. I voted for her and would highly recommend her for the new council to listen to some of her ideas and requests. This has not happened before on the Westside.

When I opened my business on Main Street 24 years ago the downtown core of West Kelowna was in better shape than it is now. What is happening?

In the past four years we have not been able to even get the council to look at some of the top priorities that have been listed. Presently we still have no street lights on any of the side streets with businesses near the main core.

At the DWK office they are very good about giving me a lot of information about where all the money for DWK is being spent. This included planning costs, council wages, and other staff wages. There is a lot of staff at the DWK office. Maybe it’s more important to spend lots of money on planning instead. I don’t know for sure because I am not a politician!

These are my views and opinions after living on the Westside for 50 years.

Fran Kovacs,

West Kelowna


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