Kelowna General Hospital on the Okanagan Lake shoreline. (Contributed)

Kelowna General Hospital on the Okanagan Lake shoreline. (Contributed)

What went right this year: KGH Foundation

The KGH Foundation reflects on 2020

It’s not often that one can say with certainty that THIS was a year for the history books.

When we look back at 2020, what will we remember?

This has been a year beset by troublesome news. Troubling political times, the great challenges brought on by a global pandemic. At times, the weight of the world has felt… well, heavy. Will this be the story?

A funny thing happens when you spend your days working for an organization that pays attention to gratitude. You notice the good things.

For most of us, if we examine our lives it is not our situation, or luck that provides things to be grateful for. The seeds of gratitude are in us all the time.

When cultivated, gratitude blooms as a way of looking at the relationships and experiences of our lives with new eyes.

It doesn’t all have to be going right for joy to exist. Indeed, there is always something to be grateful for – even though it may not be obvious at first. Rich is the person who aligns the eye to all that is going right, rather than all that is going wrong. This year, we have witnessed our health care system work together like never before. We have experienced the overwhelming generosity of a community that cares – answering the call to give without reservation.

In response to the pandemic, over $1.6 million was donated to the KGH Foundation to support the most urgent needs at Kelowna General Hospital.

And, in its first year on operation, 334 incredibly grateful families from across the southern interior had a safe, warm, home away from home at JoeAnna’s House while they stayed close to their loved ones receiving care at KGH.

All because generosity is alive and well in our community, even in 2020.

In this season of giving, it’s worth remembering that happiness is not found in getting everything we ever wanted, but in being grateful for the things we already have. The best gifts won’t be wrapped in shiny paper and found under the tree.

The best gifts aren’t things at all.

May this be a year for the history books, not because of what went wrong, but because of what went right.

On behalf of all those who pass through the doors of JoeAnna’s House, Kelowna General Hospital and its associated facilities, thank you for your generosity this year.

Best wishes for a happy and healthy holiday season.

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