Where were the Sun fans?

Okanagan Sun supporters were missing in action for Okanagan Sun-Langley Rams semifinal playoff game last Sunday.

To the editor:

I watched the semi-final game Sunday at the Apple Bowl between the Okanagan Sun and Langley Rams.

I have to come clean and say I was very disappointed.

Not so much because we lost, and not so much because the quarterback threw so many interceptions and  incomplete passes, but because it was such a beautiful day out and hardly anyone showed up to be supportive of our football team here in Kelowna.

There were almost as many Langley supporters as Sun supporters, and there was something totally wrong with that picture.

To see the lack of support from Kelowna  truly disappointed me as the games are not expensive with ticket prices at $15 for an adult and  $10 for seniors and students.

I really believe that this lack of support came into play as the game went along and we eventually lost.

Kelowna residents should really be ashamed,   except perhaps for those who were doing late season gardening or those who are not football fans. I can understand why they were not at the Apple Bowl on Sunday.

But for those who do like football, shame on you for not making an effort, for not getting off your lazy butt to turn out to support our local team.

No excuses. If you did not show up because the B.C. Lions were playing around the same time, there is a new technical advancement called PVR to look into.

The Okanagan Sun  even offer activities for kids while the parents watch the game, such as fun slides, bouncey castles, etc.

I hope to see way more support next season and more people who actually leave their house and show some support for our team.

The Okanagan Sun  play some very hard fought football and the action is very enjoyable, especially when the weather is good.

Go Sun!

Nol Preen



Kelowna Capital News