Who’s on guard for Canadian gas consumers?

On June 2, a barrel of oil cost $10, and a litre of gas cost $1.249. Almost overnight, a barrel dropped to $82 while pump price stayed.

To the editor:

Every day for about a week, I noticed that every newscast I watched talked about some weirdo in Montreal who killed and dismembered someone. Sensationalism, that’s what makes the news.

There was something else that happened in Canada that affects every Canadian that not a single word was spoken about. Why it is not newsworthy beats me.

Back on June 2, a barrel of oil cost $102 per barrel, and a litre of gasoline cost $1.249. Almost overnight, a barrel of oil dropped to $82 per barrel, while the gas pumps stayed at $1.249 per litre.

On June 7, the price per barrel went up to $85, dropped $20 and then went back up $3. So why then did the price of gas per litre increased five cents to $1.309 at that point.

Something is rotten somewhere. Was this a newsworthy item? Apparently not, as nobody in the news media was talking about that.

Where are all our politicians and news hounds? Oh Canada, who stands on guard for thee?

Let’s bring back Gene Autry or The Lone Ranger, then maybe justice can be served, but I doubt it.


Gary Manns,


Kelowna Capital News