Why do governments follow same play book?

I don’t see what all the fuss is about with the HST.

To the editor:

Why the fuss?

I don’t see what all the fuss is about with the HST.

Everyone knows when the government is going to do something good for us (and big business) it is going to come out of our pockets.

I think most people are against the nomenclature: HST. All they have to do is change it to some other term, like STP which would stand for Screw The People.

It seems they will go to any length to get it to pass. First they enact it after the election while trying to convince us it was not even on the table prior.

Next they keep reiterating that it is good for business. Who’s?

Certainly not the poor or people on fixed incomes.

Now they are trying to sweeten it up by giving us back a one-time payment of our own money, but the tax will be forever. This will cost us millions again to dole out.

The Liberals can’t even be forthright with the question on the mail-in vote on this issue. I guess it would be too simple or possibly not so confusing to ask a straight forward question like; Do you approve of the HST? Yes or No. But typically they like to confuse people with ambiguity.

If they ran the government like we have to run our households—don’t have huge cost overruns (ie.: convention center); don’t pay out humongous golden hand shakes; don’t  keep trying to sell off profitable businesses like B.C. Rail, B.C. Hydro, the liquor stores, the Coquilhalla toll booth; don’t put a retractable roof on an arena where it often rains to benefit the elite who can afford it only to find out you can’t close it when it rains—to name but a few. Without these we wouldn’t even be requiring this tax.

They all try to get elected by saying they will be the most honest and open government and listen to the people when they are campaigning, but once they get elected something seems to afflict them with the malady of deafness and they can only pursue their agenda(s) even if the majority of the people are against it.

What happens?

John D. Grant



Kelowna Capital News