Why wait to do your part to change the world

We see the need to change the world, but seem to be waiting for permission.

To the editor:

We see the need to change the world, but seem to be waiting for permission.

What are we saving it from, the unfair treatment doled out by Nature in response to our exploiting and polluting her?

When we speak of the world’s problems, the conversation gets entangled and lost in the plethora of causes which never seem to include ourselves.

We’re stuck in the “It’s not me, it’s you” mentality – like someone smelled a fart but nobody did it.

Truthfully, the state of the world stinks. The environment is shifting evermore towards unpredictability.

The economy’s got a right-leaning top-heavy stature that is ready to collapse. Our communities are limited to our Facebook requests and retweets.

The ever-growing list of consumables is increasingly being priced beyond our means, solved by predatory credit agencies scavenging the remains of our monthly budgets. Our food is less nutritious than dirt. Our medicine has us on a perpetual treadmill of increasing doses and treatable side effects. Our democracy has taken the ironic stance of muzzling its citizens and ceding power to the heaviest bank account.

And the rich have inherited the Earth. In the comic books, this would be considered Bizarro World.

What’s one to do but despair what is lost? Fare thee well democracy, economy and community. It was fun while it lasted but at this point the world can’t handle you.

You’ve overstayed your welcome, and as concerned citizens, we must part ways.

Will this lead us in a better direction? Are we being too passive, letting go of what our forefathers sacrificed so much to create?

Is this the mature decision to make? Is there an evacuation plan or something to fall back on? If not, perhaps we should take a step back and reassess our situation.

We can change things, and it will take a lot of people to accomplish it.

These people must be looking for hope. These people must be barking solutions, not gripes. These people need everyone else.

We must understand our problems in terms of their essence, purifying the complexity down to the basics if we wish to create improvement.

Our minds form the culture’s immune system, and nothing outside the brain can fix it. Setting this belief in place, with enough faith, we can strengthen its capability to infiltrate the status quo and reclaim a world that we have the right to service.

Darrin Fiddler,


Kelowna Capital News