Will dog control change how dogs kept?

Is the district prepared to change the regulations on providing a humane facility for dogs that are required to stay more than a few days?

Open letter to Robert Hobson, chairman Regional District of Central Okanagan:

Congratulations on making the right decision to send Shadow home, tardy as it was. (Shadow Returned to Lake Country Owners, July 30 www.kelownacapnews.com.)

It is sad that the decision came only after significant publicity and public outcry. As a young person, I am consistently disappointed by the inhumanity that operates as standard policy and prevents me from participating within an inhuman system. How does a human not intervene knowing that injustice is occurring within one’s jurisdiction? Knowing an action is wrong and doing it anyway is the definition of unethical.

Despite my doubts that a bureaucracy works in any positive fashion, I feel strongly enough about this issue to attempt to access whatever small corner of humanity you are capable of when you hold a position in government.

I understand the need for regulation that supports public safety. In terms of dog control, this may mean that a dog needs to be held in your facility for more than a few days. I appreciate that you acknowledged these kennels are not suitable to house dogs for long-term stays, yet the regulations require long-term stays in some cases. These facts are incongruous and cannot persist.

What is happening with other dogs like Shadow which are not owned by people capable of hiring lawyers and soliciting the media for assistance? Is the district continuing to allow the inhumane housing of these ‘silent’ dogs? Either the district needs to change the rules regarding ‘dangerous’ dogs in order to eliminate the necessity for long-term confinement or the district needs to provide facilities immediately that are suitable for dogs in long-term detention.

Is the district prepared to change the regulations, or will you commit to providing a humane facility for dogs that are required to stay more than a few days?

I look forward to your response, and God help us if it is a form letter.


Laurel Eckhoff



Kelowna Capital News