Chi running workshop to come to Kelowna June 29

Specialized running instruction designed to reduce injuries through better form

Senior Chi Running instructor,  Angela James, will be hosting a full-day workshop in Kelowna on Saturday, June 29.

Chi running is a method of running instruction, developed by Danny Dryer an ultra marathon runner and t’ai chi practitioner in 1999.

Its thousands of practitioners say it results in more efficient form and fewer injuries.

Its primary focus is to teach runners to move in a more efficient, natural way, thus reducing injury and enhancing the joy of running.

Chi running incorporates the principles of tai chi, yoga and Pilates, and emphasizes striking the ground at mid-foot, rather than at the heel.

According to James, Chi running has helped many people, from beginners to cross country runners to triathletes.

Whether you are just beginning a running program or training for a marathon, race, or triathlon, the Chi running approach is one that builds a healthy body, instead of breaking it down from misuse or overuse. Chi running helps reduce or eliminate injury and pain such as: knee pain, hip pain, IT Band Syndrome (ITB), hamstring pulls, Achilles tendonitis, plantar fasciitis, soreness and fatigue.

The cost for the Kelowna workshop is $225.

For more information on Angela James, the workshop, or to register visit

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