Endurance rider searches for good Samaritan

Elroy Karius had help from generous stranger in saving his horse from serious harm

  • Sat Jun 4th, 2016 7:00pm
  • Sports

Elroy Karius is looking for a young woman who helped save his horse

After competing in an endurance riding event in Utah this spring, Elroy Karius and his horse, Jolly Holiday, were on their way home when the unexpected happened.

While travelling northbound on Highway 97 near West Kelowna, Jolly Holiday, inside the horse trailer, became entangled with a sliding metal latch and was in danger of being fatally injured.

Karius stopped the truck and tried to free his horse but, on his own with no assistance, the prospects didn’t look good.

That’s when a stranger stopped to lend a lifesaving hand to Karius and Jolly Holiday.

The following is Karius’ account of the incident and his search for the young woman who came to the rescue.

I was desperate for help, stopped in the middle lane of three lanes of moving traffic, my horse was in serious, potentially fatal injury danger,” Karius wrote. “I was trapped, unable to call for help. All I could do was to try to prevent more serious injury. The words I heard were: ‘I love horses, can I help?'”

“A very young lady stood behind me, the words were hers. Her help saved my endurance horse, Jolly Holiday, from a potential career-ending injury. In the intensity of the moment I did not get her name.

“If you are this special person or if you know this person, please call me at 250-763-9333. Jolly Holiday waits for you to visit.”

Karius and Jolly Holiday are an award-winning team, having captured numerous medals in endurance riding competitions all across Canada and the Unites States.