Kelowna's Ross Short integrates four modalities into his treatment for sufferers of chronic pain

Kelowna's Ross Short integrates four modalities into his treatment for sufferers of chronic pain

Ex-athlete eases chronic pain

Ross Short of Body-Wize in Kelowna uses Hellerwork and Pilates to treat his clients

In the 1990s, Ross Short was living with chronic pain.

A former junior football and hockey player, the Kelowna man had absorbed 11 knee surgeries and was wracked with debilitating headaches.

It wasn’t until he met Dr. Michael Greenwood at the Victoria Pain Clinic who introduced Short to a variety of natural healing techniques, which assisted to properly balance his body.

“It’s decompressing the body to get joints moving in directions they are meant to move in,” Short said. “It’s postural patterning from the inside out, all starting with diaphragm and core. It eliminated my pain and changed my life.”  As it turned out, this inspired Short to a career change of helping others live without pain.

A former RCMP officer, Short is a licensed practitioner who owns and operates Body-Wize out of his studio in Kelowna. He treats people with chronic pain and sports injuries, while also promoting healthy aging in seniors.

Advanced Rolfing or Hellerwork is one of four modalities Short uses to treat his clients.

He employs his fingers, knuckles, forearms and hands to mobilize joints and stretch fascial  tissue to increase the range of motion, thereby alleviating pain and discomfort caused by emotional and/or physical stress.

Pilates movement, whole body vibration and energy work are other modalities integrated in the Body-Wize approach.

Among his many clients over the years was former NHL defenseman Dave Babych, who Short treated for a number of aches and pains.

“I felt my best when Ross Short performed Hellerwork on me,” Babych wrote in a testimonial. “My posture was better, joints moved easier, I could breath easier and this was only after a few sessions.”

Short has been able to help alleviate pain in 93 per cent of his clients.

He also strives to help his clients eliminate pain without the use of pharmaceuticals.

As for healthy aging for seniors, 82-year-old Roslyn Frantz said Body-Wize has helped to prolong her career as a musician.

“Ross Short has been treating me for several years, enabling me to continue playing piano at a professional level,” said Frantz.

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