Mckenna Colthorp of the Kelowna Skating Club was a medal winner last weekend at the Apple Ice Classic in Wenatchee.

Mckenna Colthorp of the Kelowna Skating Club was a medal winner last weekend at the Apple Ice Classic in Wenatchee.

Kelowna skaters perform well in Wenatchee

Kelowna Skating Club athletes win medals at Apple Ice Classic in Washington

The depth of skating talent in Kelowna was evident last weekend in Wenatchee, Wash.,  as local skaters won medals in all events at the Apple Ice Classic figure skating competition.

The field of competitors included top skaters from the Seattle area, as well as skaters from as far away as Alaska.

Kelowna skaters swept the podium in the Junior Women’s Free Skating event.  Julianne Delaurier led the way with a personal-best score of 74.09, while Jayda Jurome, Cailey England, and Dana Bobyn won the silver, bronze, and pewter medals, respectively.

The roles were reversed a day earlier, as England won the Junior Women’s Short Program, closely trailed by Jurome with the silver and Delaurier with the bronze.

At the Novice level, Rachel Pettitt struck gold in the Novice Women’s Free Skating, while her club mate Monika Randall took bronze in the Novice Women’s Short Program.

At the Intermediate level, 11 year-old Mckenna Colthorp won the Free Skating after a silver medal finish in the Short Program.  Kelowna’s Rochelle Reeve took the pewter medal (fourth place) in the Short Program, but followed with the silver in the Free Skating.

Another highlight for the Kelowna contingent was taking the top 3 spots in the Pre-Juvenile Girls category.  Leading the pack was 9-year old Maya Rose, followed by Alexis Garost and Mikayla Consiglio.

Meanwhile, in the Boys’ division, Carter Hiob and Carson Consiglio entertained the judges and audience members alike en route to first and second place finishes, respectively.

The Kelowna Skating Club continued to show it’s skill and depth, as 10 year-old Olivia Gran won the gold medal in Juvenile Girls with 38.38 points.  Ashley Sales took the pewter medal.

“This was a great team-building event for our skaters,” said KSC Director Jason Mongrain.  “It is a challenging time of year because skaters are trying to get some mileage on new and difficult elements and choreography, but we are very pleased with the performances overall.

“We hope to return next year as the Wenatchee hosts were very welcoming and gracious.”


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