Kelowna Skating Club's Daria Carr was a winner in the pre-juvenile under-11 division at the B.C. Summerskate competition.

Kelowna Skating Club's Daria Carr was a winner in the pre-juvenile under-11 division at the B.C. Summerskate competition.

Kelowna Skating Club shows well in Burnaby

Thirty-nine local skaters compete in B.C. Summerskate

The Kelowna Skating Club and Centre of Excellence made a strong impression at the B.C. Summerskate competition held last weekend in Burnaby.

Thirty-nine Kelowna skaters competed in the second event of the 2013 B.C. Super Series season.

Kelowna competitors took two spots on the podium in a very high quality field of skaters in the junior women’s event.

Julianne Delaurier finished second with a 123.08 points finish, while Cailey England took bronze with a personal best 120.45 points.  Kelowna’s Jayda Jurome and Dana Bobyn finished in sixth and eighth, respectively.

A highlight for the Kelowna team occurred in group 2 of Pre-Novice Women, as 12-year-old Mckenna Colthorp struck gold by a commanding margin of over 11 points, thanks to her total score of 80.08.

Meanwhile, in group 1 of the same level, her club-mate Ajsha Gorman took the silver medal, while Rochelle Reeve finished just off the podium in fourth.

At the Novice level, 14-year-old Rachel Pettitt took the silver medal in group 1.  Rachel represents the Arctic Edge Skating Club of Whitehorse, but trains at Kelowna.

At the Pre-Juvenile Under 11 level, 9-year-old Daria Carr won group 2 with a score of 27.89, a personal best and the top score of all groups.

Maya Rose of the KSC finished in second in group 2, while Alexis Garost did likewise in group 3 of Pre-Juvenile Women Under 11.

Kelowna’s Ashley Sales took the gold medal in Senior Bronze Women, while Abbey Reiter won the Junior Silver division.

Kelowna boys had a great weekend as well, as Carter Hiob finished second in Pre-Juvenile Men, while Carson Consiglio finished second by a narrow .04 margin in STAR 4 Boys.

Winning bronze medals in other events were Olivia Gran (Juvenile Women Under 11), Kenedi Woodcox (STAR 4 Girls Under 10), and Madeline Foley (STAR 4 Girls Under 13).

Here are the full results:

• Junior Women:  Julianne Delaurier 2nd; Cailey England 3rd; Jayda Jurome 6th; Dana Bobyn 8th

• Novice Women Group 1:  Priscilla Sabang 8th

• Novice Women Group 2:  Rosalyn Carr 12th

• Novice Men:  Kelly Basisty 4th

• Pre-Novice Women Group 1:  Ajsha Gorman 2nd; Rochelle Reeve

• Pre-Novice Women Group 2:  Mckenna Colthorp 1st; Kristen Ciurka 11th; Madison Delcourt 13th

• Juvenile Women Under 11:  Olivia Gran 3rd

• Juvenile Men:  Dreyton Nelmes 5th

• Pre-Juvenile Women Under 11 Group 2:  Daria Carr 1st; Maya Rose 2nd

• Pre-Juvenile Women Under 11 Group 3:  Alexis Garost 2nd; Mikayla Consiglio 8th

• Pre-Juvenile Women Under 14 Group 1:  Kaiya MacLeod 4th; Makenna Jensen 7th

• Pre-Juvenile Women Under 14 Group 2:  Sally Haaheim 8th

• Pre-Juvenile Men:  Carter Hiob 2nd

• Senior Bronze Women:  Ashley Sales 1st

• Junior Silver Women:  Abbey Reiter 1st

• STAR 4 Boys:  Carson Consiglio 2nd

• STAR 4 Girls Under 10 Group 2:  Kenedi Woodcox 3rd

• STAR 4 Girls Under 13 Group 1:  Madeline Foley 3rd

• STAR 3B Girls Group 3:  Zoe Wu 7th

• STAR 3 Assessments:  Kiera Atkins, Vienna Harwood, Malayna Lesko, Sierra MacLeod, Mackenzie Nelmes, Emily Sales

• STAR 2 Assessments:  Erika Garost, Aurora Schultz

• STAR 1 Assessments:  Dar’ya Krylova, Zara Schultz, Micah Ramsay


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