Medal haul for Kelowna Skating Club

Kelowna athletes win 27 medals at Oliver free skate

  • Nov. 30, 2012 11:00 a.m.
Kelowna Skating Club's Rochelle Reeve won gold at the Snowball Freeskate Competition last weekend in Oliver.

Kelowna Skating Club's Rochelle Reeve won gold at the Snowball Freeskate Competition last weekend in Oliver.

The Kelowna Skating Club made its presence felt at the Snowball Freeskate Competition last weekend in Oliver as 40 skaters brought home 27 medals—the highest total of any participating club.

Kelowna skaters proved dominant at several levels, as they swept the podium in the Preliminary Creative (group 1), Silver Elements, Star 4 Girls under 10, and Juvenile Women’s divisions.

At the Juvenile level, 11-year-old Rochelle Reeve skated a clean and inspired program in winning the gold medal with a personal best score of 33.48 points, with club mate Kristen Ciurka just behind with 32.94, also a personal best.  Reeve also took gold in Gold Elements.

Other Kelowna skaters striking gold in their respective events were Mikayla Consiglio (2), Alyssa Dobbs, Kaiya MacLeod, Carter Hiob, Ashley Sales, Kenedi Woodcox, Olivia Gran, and Vienna Harwood.

Here are the full results:

Pre-Juvenile Women:  Alyssa Dobbs 1st; Daria Carr 2nd

Juvenile Women:  Rochelle Reeve 1st; Kristen Ciurka 2nd ; Olivia Gran 3rd; Ashley Sales 4th; Madison Delcourt 5th; Abbey Reiter 6th

Star 4 Girls under 10:  MIkayla Consiglio 1st; Maya Rose 2nd ; Alexis Garost 3rd; Summer Peitsch 4th; Kenedi Woodcox 5th.

Star 4 girls under 13:  Kaiya MacLeod 1st; Sally Haaheim  2nd ; Makenna Jensen 6th.

Star 4 Girls over 13:  Paula Aguirre 2nd

Senior Bronze Women:  Savana Sheardown 3rd

Junior Silver Women:  Taylor Sheardown exhibition

Senior Silver Women: Rachel Hiob exhibition

Bronze Elements group 1:  Kaiya MacLeod 2nd ; Alexis Garost 4th; Maya Rose 6th; Kenedi Woodcox 7th

Bronze Elements group 2:  Mikayla Consiglio 1st; Sally Haaheim 3rd; Summer Peitsch 7th; Ryder MacLeod 8th

Silver Elements:  Ashley Sales 1st Olivia Gran 2nd ; Taylor Sheardown 3rd; Alyssa Dobbs 5th

Gold Elements:  Rochelle Reeve 1st; Kristen Ciurka 2nd

Preliminary Creative group 1:  Kenedi Woodcox 1st; Mikayla Consiglio 2nd; Daria Carr 3rd; Alexis Garost 4th

Preliminary Creative group 2:  Olivia Gran 1st

Preliminary Creative group 3:  Vienna Harwood 1st; Carson Consiglio 4th; Kiera Atkins 5th; Sierra MacLeod7th

Bronze Creative group 1:  Alyssa Dobbs 2nd

Bronze Creative group 2:  Kristen Ciurka 5th

Star 1, Star 2, and Star 3 Assessments:  Brooklyn Cowen, Malayna Lesko, Aurora Schultz, Erika Garost, Sierra MacLeod, Emily Sales, Zoe Wu, Hannah Foley, Kiera Atkins, Amy Richardson, Isabella Perini, Mya Adkin, Vienna Harwood, Madeline Foley, Rachel Yee, Julia Crowther, and Carson Consiglio.



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