Catherine Thompson                                Registration is now open the for Ogopogo Summer Swim Club’s 2017 season.

Catherine Thompson Registration is now open the for Ogopogo Summer Swim Club’s 2017 season.

Ogopogos to soon launch summer swim season

The Ogopogo Summer Swim Club is now taking registration for 2017

For nearly 70 years, the Ogopogo Summer Swim Club has been actively involved in the Kelowna community, developing lifelong skills in youth around the sport of competitive swimming.

While the emphasis of the club is on improving one’s swimming abilities in the four main stroke categories, there are numerous positive long-term side-effects of joining a summer swim club.

As well as skill and physical development, competitive swimming also encourages personal development and life skills that will be applied far beyond the pool. Success in swimming is the product not only of natural talent, but also of determination, discipline, and dedication. These skills will be of as much virtue outside the pool as they are in.

Take, for example, what Ogopogo coaches Matt Tran, Lauren Fauchon and Randi Thompson have to say about their experiences with summer swim clubs.

Tran: “Competitive swimming, more so the Ogopogo Swim Club, has blessed me with some of the most memorable experiences, friendships and opportunities that I will cherish throughout my lifetime. The entire atmosphere that is generated puts an emphasis on family, community, fun and competitions, which harnesses the growth and performance of swimming skills and builds lasting friendships.”

Fauchon: “Being a member of a swim club, not only taught me the necessary skills to be a competitive swimmer but also important life skills. One of the most important lessons I have learned however, is how to succeed and fail on goals I had set for myself making me accountable for my actions. Finally, it has given me confidence in working with a team. Joining a swim team at a young age was the best decision I made.”

Thompson: “It has taught me how to accept and use constructive criticism to further my skills as a competitive athlete. Even though competitive swimming is an individual sport, there are many team elements as well, for example, relay races, marshalling areas, and celebrations of team-mates achievements.”

Summer registration is now open until the middle of May. Swimmers of all abilities who want to have fun developing their skills while progressing in competitive racing are welcome.

For any questions, go to, contact Karla Stevens the registrar at or any one of the board members.