KSS grad and former SFU linebacker Evin Polack is considering a return to football with the Okanagan Sun.

KSS grad and former SFU linebacker Evin Polack is considering a return to football with the Okanagan Sun.

Polack ponders return to gridiron

Former Owl attends Sun camp

A few weeks ago, Evin Polack wasn’t even thinking about football.

Now the former high school all-star with the Kelowna Owls is considering a return to the gridiron with the Okanagan Sun.

Polack—a 5-foot-10, 220-pound linebacker who played at Simon Fraser from 2007 to 2009—made a last-minute decision to attend the B.C. Football Conference club’s spring camp roster over the weekend in Kelowna.

Polack took last season off from football to play rugby at SFU, but found his interest in the game was rekindled after watching the NFL draft earlier this month.

“I wasn’t missing football all that much, but then when I saw (West Kelowna’s) Danny Watkins at the draft, it got me jacked up a little bit, so I decided to come to camp,” said Polack, 21. “I just wanted to look at my options, give it a try and see what the Sun was all about. I used this camp as a gauge to see if I wanted to play again and I had fun.”

“It’s seems to be a fairly well-run program.”

With veteran linebackers such Charles Henderson and Aaron Goddard having graduated from the program, Sun head coach Jason Casey said a player of Polack’s skill and experience would be a nice addition to the club.

“A guy with CIS experience, he’d be able to come right in and make plays for us,” said Casey. “He’d sure help our young guys out, too.”

Polack said his decision to play will likely come down to a choice between football and his education.

The workload between the two proved a formidable challenge for Polack at SFU.

“I’m thinking about starting school again in the fall, so I’m debating if I do football I’d postpone school until the spring,” said Polack, who played centre, linebacker and fullback in high school. “I learned the lesson at SFU that it’s definitely difficult to do both. I’m try to figure out whether I want to put all my time into football, or school. That’s the consideration right now.”

Although he has never attended Sun camp in the past, Polack does have a connection with the local team. His dad, Wes Polack, played linebacker for the Sun in 1981.



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