Positive national experience for Kelowna Ultimate teams

Sofa Kings and Bushfire compete at Canadian Ultimate Championships in Victoria

Marisa Hart of BushFire

Marisa Hart of BushFire

A pair of Kelowna teams soaked up the sun and some national-level experience last weekend at the 2012 Canadian Ultimate Championships in Victoria.

The Sofa Kings competed in the open category, while the Bushfire were entered in the women’s event as 72 teams from across the country competed in six different divisions.

The Sofa Kings posted a 3-6 record over four days of competition to finish 10th out of 16 teams.

“Veteran players Bruce Plaxton and Adam Gowenlock were instrumental in keeping the team going, after some tough losses,” said Tez Lamvohee of the Sofa Kings.

“With half the team attending their first nationals, the Sofa Kings took¬† a big leap in making themselves known to the rest of Canada. With a solid core group, next year’s nationals in Vancouver will be even better.”

The Bushfire failed to hit the win column in women’s competition at nationals, but gained some invaluable experience along the way.

The Kelowna woman were a little understaffed with just 17 players, only five of whom had previous national experience.

“Our best games were against some of the top teams and although we couldn’t quite sneak out a win, we rose to the occasion and made teams work hard for their points,” said Bushfire captain Kyla Jackson.

“Bushfire had two goals this season: to make it to Nationals and to encourage more women in the Okanagan to try competitive women’s ultimate. We achieved both goals and I’m so proud that so many women committed to our squad and improved their skills as much as they did.”

Okanagan players made their presence felt on other teams at nationals:

Ashlee Davison and Beverley Porter won gold in the women’s division (Traffic form Vancouver);

Andy Collins and Brandon Lewis struck gold in the Masters division (Nomads form Victoria); and

Paul Embregts won silver in Masters division (FIGJAM from Calgary).

The sport of ultimate uses a plastic flying disc, with seven players per side on a field which measures 70 yards long and 40 yards wide, and end zones 20 yards deep.


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