The City of Kelowna's mini rugby program begins this weekend

The City of Kelowna's mini rugby program begins this weekend

Touch rugby kicks off for kids in Kelowna

Mini-rugby program registration is Sunday at Parkinson, with more than 50 youths already signed up

Touch rugby is growing in Kelowna and this weekend there are a couple more opportunities for your kids to learn the sport.

The City of Kelowna mini-rugby program for boys and girls aged four to 12 begins on Sunday at the Parkinson Recreation Centre. In addition sign-up for the new Under-13 boys and girls touch rugby league will take place on Saturday in the Rec Centre entranceway. Both programs are multi-week programs that introduce young players to the fast, fun, fitness-oriented sport of touch rugby.

The City of Kelowna mini-rugby program starts Sunday at 10 a.m. Last year more than 80 young players participated in the 10-week program and there are already 54 signed up for this year, with a large number expected to register before Sunday morning. Registration is through the City of Kelowna Recreation Guide (page 31) or in person at the Parkinson Rec Centre. The program is run by volunteers from the Kelowna Crows Rugby Club.

“Touch rugby is a great game played by millions of young athletes around the world,” said George Curran, coordinator of the mini-rugby program. “Our program gives kids a chance to learn running, passing, and team play skills with other players in their same age group. My own children are really looking forward to this year’s program.”

Also at the Rec Centre this weekend is an opportunity to sign-up for the new U-13 Touch Rugby League for Grade 6 and 7 students. The seven-week league will begin May 5 and offers U-13 boys and girls an opportunity to play the sport.  Registration will take place Saturday from 10 a.m. to 2 p.m. at Parkinson Rec.

“This is a new sport opportunity for Kelowna,” said Ken Boe, coordinator of the U-13 Touch Rugby League.  “Young players have been playing touch in the elementary schools. This new league allows those players to continue their touch rugby development and enables players at other schools to join in the fun.”

The cost for the 10 weeks of Mini-Rugby is $30, making it one of the most reasonably-priced sport opportunities in the City. The seven-week U-13 League costs only $20 per player.

“Touch rugby simply needs a ball and a bunch of players to enjoy the fun,” said Curran. “We’re pleased that our rugby community can make this game available at such a great price.”



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